Oh oh, on the second week with my family my poo got all soft and mushy. Dad came in after I did my business and asked mom what she thought. This was the day after the string cheese so they thought the little white bits were from that. However, the next day dad saw live, wiggling things! So mom took a sample into the vet. It was tapeworms. They cleaned my backside and washed my bedding. Mom vacuumed the whole house to get rid of the segments which looked like little grains of rice. The vet gave me some medicine and after two days all the worms had passed. Some were over six inches long! The vet told mom it just happens sometimes and I had had them for a while. They said my coat would improve and I might gain more weight. Sure enough, I gained four pounds in less than a week. At my six month visit I weighed in at 44 pounds!

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