We all love my wireless fence. I have so much room to zoom around and play and I follow my people all around the yard.  I don't mind putting on the beeper collar because I get to be off-leash when I wear it. One day I started to chase a chicken that was very close to my area, but as soon as it started beeping I ran back into the safe zone before I got a shock.  And mom forgot to take off my collar two times as she was rushing to the bus stop. The first time, it started to beep and she immediately jumped back into the safe zone and set the collar on the step. So yesterday as she was hustling us towards little sis's bus stop, I sat down and refused to move halfway across the driveway. I know what that collar is for! She turned around and thanked me over and over for reminding her she forgot to take it off when she put the leash on. I am Rocky the Wonderdog!

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