Last night my family was getting ready to go out and I ran to the door. They thought I was sleeping, but they could tell I wanted to come along to the girl's imagination fair. I wore my service vest and little sis held onto the short leash. We passed by many families walking through a long hall, but I was focused on all the noise coming from the room ahead. We entered a gym and there were people everywhere!  It took me a couple of minutes to acclimate to the movements and noise, but I quickly relaxed and enjoyed walking with mom and little sis to look at the exhibits. We watched some race cars, a volcano, and looked at science and art projects set out on the tables.  Little sis saw several of her teachers and some classmates.  Lots of kids asked if they could pet me and little sis said yes. After we had been there about 20 minutes, little sis stopped talking and her body looked wilted, so my family gathered their projects and we went home. Wow! What a fun time!
Lynnda L
3/3/2012 03:11:02 am

Sounds like Rocky did great at the science & arts fair! Good job mom on preparing him.


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