Mom took me to a new place today. She put on my gentle leader and in-training service vest. I did an awesome job walking right beside her at the home store and didn't sniff around or bother any people. Most of them just ignored me and went about their business anyway. Mom walked me up and down several isles and had me sit now and then. We went to the garden center after walking around the main store. Mom pushed several big carts around while I walked on her left side. There was a fork lift that went by and some guys drilling on the ceiling. Mom noticed that once I saw what was making the noises I didn't get worried. I even got to sniff a Christmas tree! The check-out lady smiled at me and said "have a great day." Outside, mom walked me up and down the sidewalk pushing some big lumber carts. She told me what a great dog I am. Now I need a nap to think about all this. ZZZZzzzzz

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