My people took me to the vet. The first visit is paid for by the humane society fee. I had some paperwork that showed how I was neutered and had a rabies vaccination. The vet lady talked to my people about all sorts of things - heartworm, lymes disease, Frontline flea protection, brushing teeth, food, vaccination schedules, and  toenail trimming. Mom felt kinda overwhelmed but the vet said they would call with all the dates and help her learn what to do. 

Because I came from Oklahoma they needed to do a heartworm test.  The humane society gave me a heartworm pill but if I had heartworms before I got there in April, I might have to have a big operation.  Fortunately, the test was negative and all is well. So from now on, once a month I get Frontline flea protection, one heartworm pill and follow the basic puppy vaccination schedule. They like me at the vet and told me I was a very fine gentleman. 

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