Playing in Lake Superior
My family went on vacation to a place called Duluth. I noticed they bought a second, smaller kennel and let me hang out in it for a week before we left. The day they loaded it in the car with a bunch of other stuff I knew something was up. I was happy when they put my favorite pillow and toys in the kennel and loaded me up when they left, but after about 15 minutes I got nervous and started to whine. They pulled over shortly after and  after several minutes of sniffing around and woofing at some birds I did my biz. Then I felt better. So they loaded me up again and off we went. They stopped every hour or so at a rest stop so I could stretch my legs. I understood what to do by the second stop.  

By late afternoon we arrived at a hotel called the Suites Hotel in Canal Park. We all waited in the lobby for our room to be ready and everyone was impressed with how well I parked. This was the last day of a huge blues festival so the room was not ready for over an hour from check in time!  There were other people and dogs waiting too, but my family picked a corner and arranged their stuff and a chair to make a quiet little cove. The girls and I got lots of treats while we were waiting.  

Our suite was finally ready and off we went. They all stepped into an elevator and to tell you the truth I was kinda freaked out. This little box made noise and vibrated! The next two times I balked at getting on, but by the fourth time I was an expert at entering and sitting down. 

Our suite was really cool. They let me sniff all around but after I jumped on the beds they kept the bedroom doors closed. My kennel was in the main room with the couch, table and kitchen.  Mom went to the restaurant next to the lobby for food because they were not allowed to leave my alone, and then we went to see lake Superior!
Look at me, I'm swimming!

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