We all went to target to get a few items after school. Little sis was not having a good day. She got focused on wanting a toy and fell apart when it cost too much. She walked slowly with her body hunched over and her arms dangling almost to the floor. Lots of tears fell out of her eyes and she was making a choking sound. Mom told her to sit down and talk to me. She put her head on my shoulder for a few minutes and soon she stopped crying. Then she gave a big sigh and said she felt better. I gave her a nuzzle and then we continued on to the check-out. By the time we got there she was walking and breathing normally and helped unload the cart. Mom knows little sis used to get stuck for hours in her disappointments and having me there helped her cope with her feelings and get refocused.
Lynnda L
4/18/2012 02:50:43 pm

Wow! Pretty dramatic effect by Rocky's mere presence. Good dog. [And Good Mom for having the forethought to have a dog avaialble for emotional support!]


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