Trainer Lynnda recommends focusing on the skills we have learned, but to increase distraction (as in new places) or reduce rate of reinforcement in familiar places. So this week when we go to play at the dog park, mom has me walk on a loose leash, look at her when we enter the building, sit and then lay down inside while she takes her coat off. I also have learned to sit while she takes my leash off before entering the dog play area. During playtime, she calls me over and asks me to lay down (this is easier than sit for me on uncarpeted floors). I do as she asks and then I get to go play some more. I still get treats as we walk out of the building though - mom wants to make sure I associate leaving as a positive experience!
I like training. This week mom banged and crinkled a juice bottle and rolled it across the floor. I used to love-love-love chasing and chewing on bottles like that. But this time I sat and looked at mom. I was waiting for her to tell me to get it because we play so many "bring that" games! She told me to get it and I proudly brought it to her and pressed it firmly into her hand. She laughed and told me what a good boy I am. 
Trainer Lynnda and Rocky

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