Trainer lady has all sorts of information for my people. She and mom talked about our goals of me being an emotional support animal for little girl. They want little girl to feed me, learn some tricks and how to interact with me in a safe and calm way. Dad and mom will teach me how to be a good canine citizen and little girl can take that test when she is bigger and I understand what to do. 

The first lesson is for me to come when called and know my name. My people really don't know much about dogs!  Trainer lady showed them how to carry small bits of treats mixed with doggie kibble to reward me instantly every time I do what they want. I'm pretty smart and they like how fast I learn. It takes about eight tries and then I know what to do.  Little girl has to learn how to hold the treat close to her body because sometimes her flapping hands look like a toy! My people also had to learn dogs don't like being hugged. It makes us feel trapped. We want to be scratched under our chins too - no pounding on top of our heads!

Trainer lady wants my people to take turns calling me so I come to everyone. It's kinda tiring, so once the treats are gone I usually go lay down. ZZZzzzzzz
5/30/2011 12:46:14 pm

Love your blog! What an adventure you are all going through. Good luck to you.

7/5/2012 06:53:19 pm

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7/25/2012 10:55:21 pm

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