Mom was cooking all sorts of yummy smelling food, but I was a very good dog and stayed on my rug every time she opened the oven door. Soon, all the relatives I met last summer came! They tied me to this brick on the porch while people arrived and brought in their stuff, then everyone came to greet me one at a time. They stayed just outside of reach and had me sit, sniff them and then they gave me a treat. After I'd met everyone and calmed down from the excitement, mom put me on a leash and I got to walk around the house. I only jumped a little, mostly when someone went outside and came back in. 
Rocky confined on the porch
Dad put me back on the porch leash when mom started putting food out. I was right next to the dining room and could see everyone so didn't feel left out. Trainer lady had suggested filling a kong with stuffing and gravy and freezing it. What a great idea! One kong lasted about 20 minutes and then I took a nap. When I woke up I they were having pie and all the main dishes were put away. I got to walk around again and put my head on their laps for a pet.  Mom had me show off some of my tricks - pushing the ball, ringing the bell and carrying the basket. Later, mom and grandma took me out to play. She holds out two toys and I get to pick. Grandma smiled because I wanted her to throw the toy. When uncle came out, I gave him some turns to throw it. Everyone thinks I'm a very good dog.
Yum! A kong stuffed with stuffing! Thanks, trainer lady!

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