Mom read Karen Pryor's article about target training and decided to try it. She got a plastic bamboo stake from her garden supplies and put a rubber tip on it from a door stopper. I sniffed it and then tried to "take it". Mom practiced "tap" a few times with her hand and then put the tip in front of her hand. She clicked each time I tapped it, but I didn't really understand yet and still tried to grab it with my mouth when she held it out away from her hand.  Then she accidentally made a false click when I grabbed it. So she tapped it with her nose several times and then gently held my mouth shut and clicked as she touched the tip to my nose. Bingo! From then on I was right on target tapping the tip. She held it against the wall, chairs and a door with intermittent reinforcements. The only one I didn't get was when she put the tip on the floor. It just looks too much like a stick! 

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