Every day starting this week I go along to drop off and pick up big sis from her summer orchestra program. Little sis hangs on to her short leash as we walk into the school, up some stairs, past a gym where kids play basketball and to a room down the hall. The first day this school was new so I was looking around quite a bit. The second day mom forgot to let me pee before we went in to drop her off  and I had a terrible time concentrating, but I was able to hold it until we got back outside. She promised me that won't happen again! Today was the third day and I did awesome. Mom and little sis took me all around the building since I was doing so well today. I watched the basketball players, walked past the tall kids on break from driver's training and sat every time mom asked me to. 
After we dropped big sis off, mom and little sis went shopping at Target. I did a super job paying attention and being helpful. Mom and I have practiced walking and turning corners with a cart all winter, so now little sis is learning to listen to mom when she says stop, back-up or turn. After we checked out, mom said there was about 20 minutes before we had to pick up big sis. Little sis went crazy with excitement when mom suggested getting a snack at the nearby Burger King. They have gluten free french fries on their menu. I had never been in a restaurant like that before and little sis had lots to learn about where to stand in line, where to pick up food, get napkins and how to fill a ketchup cup. I sat every time mom stopped and laid down at the drink station right on cue. We choose a table and I went right under it and laid down like mom asked. She was so impressed!  We only stayed a short time. Little sis almost stepped on my tail that was hanging out from under the table when mom instructed her on how to bus her tray. I immediately tucked both my legs and tail at the tickly touch. Mom can't wait to tell trainer Lynnda about that as it is on my public access test. 
After picking up big sis from summer school, we went home so the girls could have lunch. Mom took me to play at the indoor park for a hour after that. And then, we all went to the library. I'd been there a couple of times, but hadn't been there with little sis since winter break. So Mom and I followed her around as she did a library scavenger hunt. The only time I lost concentration was when two young boys ran right in front of us several times as they played tag. But a grown-up soon told them to stop and I could focus again.  It was not very busy, so before we left mom asked little sis to hide so I could find her. I trotted right down the stacks and found her in the corner. Mom said once was enough today and we went home. Just a few months before I came to live with them little sis went missing in this library. Her sensory system became overwhelmed and in a flash had hidden under the librarian's desk, just three feet from where mom was checking out books. She didn't even hear the security people and family looking for her and was found curled up in a ball humming to herself. Little sis doesn't remember but the rest of the family does, so every day we play "find her".
So I'm off to take a long nap. I have so much to think about! :)
Lynnda L
7/3/2012 03:48:43 am

Wow, to a restaurant! Good boy. [Yeah for the Service Dog vest. And yeah for looking like a Trained Dog -- the world can see the results of all your time working with Rocky.] Library is a great indoor place to practice Find Lil Sis.


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