The vet took the stitches out this morning, however, he said I still need to take it easy and not jump around for a couple of days. Mom WAS going to take me to the dog park but doesn't want to risk an injury to my healing skin. Yesterday, mom put me out on my 30 foot tie-out for the first time since the surgery! I was so happy to prance around and watch the leaves fall of the trees. The air smells interesting with hints of squirrel and fall. It had been two weeks since I got to play outside. Mom and dad commented on how the girls were able to be in my tie-out circle on their swings while I ran around and I didn't jump on them!  Big girl even played fetch with me for a long time.  

Mom took me to a trail for a walk since I couldn't go play with the other dogs today. I guess I was pulling on the leash 'cause mom kept stopping and made a picture in her mind of being a tree.  It was so distracting with all the leaves, birds, squirrels, bikers, joggers and other dog walkers and I have all this pent up energy!  I wanted to chase them all.  Well, maybe in my dreams. Woof.
Lynnda L
10/6/2011 01:41:56 pm

Perhaps a bit too much pent up energy for much progress right away on Loose Leash Walking. Any treats & clicker invovled?

10/7/2011 08:55:04 am

Oh yea, I had yummy treats and the clicker too. He was just too distracted since he hadn't been out for two weeks!


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