Mom went to an introduction to Delta service dog training. She says there were lots of dogs and people there. The trainer talked about different levels of service animal training. Delta is the highest level with 20 different points in the test including behaviors around medical equipment. Delta dogs usually go out in teams with their owners and visit hospitals and nursing homes. They have to be at least two years old and pass the Good Canine Citizen test first. Mom thought one of the most interesting points was that the dogs have to want to do this and should be able to decide if they enjoy this kind of work. She isn't sure we need to take this type of training since little girl and mom want to visit senior centers or schools.  They plan to train for the Service Dog Public Access Test so I can go anywhere little girl goes when she is bigger. Right now as a puppy my job is to visit all different kinds of places and meet all kinds of people. Everyone notices how friendly and well adjusted I am and wants to pet me. I am getting better at not jumping on people already!

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