Mom noticed I had a growth on my leg and made an appointment with the vet.  They said it was a sebaceous cyst and as long as it didn't burst it was not a problem.  I guess most dogs get them. Mom learned it is caused by a plugged sebum oil gland. The vet noticed I had a scratch there and that may have started the problem.  Mom and dad will keep an eye on it for me. The vet only charged us half of an office visit because she didn't have to do anything. Oh, and I grew again! I now weigh 58 pounds.
sebaceous cyst
Lynnda L
9/13/2011 05:26:09 pm

Soaking the cyst with warm, moist compresses is what they do for people. It appears to be almost infected, at least irritated. Warm soaks are good for may things on the skin. Just a thought.


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