Schedules have changed now that the bus doesn't pick up the girls in the morning. Mom sleeps in till 7:30 now and I am learning to lay at the end of the bed until the alarm goes off. Sometimes I do an army crawl and creep up to put my head on her chest, thinking she will feed me sooner. That makes her laugh, but she insists that I don't get to set the get out of bed time.  We don't walk to the bus anymore, but I do get to play with the girls  a lot more. It was hot last week and they brought out a wading pool. Little sis and I had a blast splashing and playing together in the pool. 
Mom scheduled a bunch of Dr. and therapist visits for this first week. I didn't get to come along though, mom isn't sure I am ready to sit patiently for a whole hour in a waiting room. Both girls have occupational or physical therapy visits once a week for the rest of the summer.
So the schedules have changed, but I'm handling it very well. I'm learning to be a go with the flow kinda guy!

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