Mom took me out in the yard with a 16 foot leash tied around her waist. She clicked and treated me when I walked right beside her and looked up at her. This worked great in the front yard. However, when she went into the back yard, I saw some squirrels and pretty much dragged her into the buckthorn thicket. Ooops. I forget how strong I am sometimes. Mom didn't yell at me, but she had a hard time getting me out of the back yard. She finished on a high note by walking around the driveway for a few more reinforcing clicks.  Whew. That was a work-out.  For mom!  :)
Lynnda L
9/30/2011 06:28:51 am

Oops, perhaps the Gentle Leader [seeing the EZ Walk might irritate his stitches] on the long line as back up for back yard work. [To keep mom out of the buckthorn....] Or maybe the leash slip knot around the body just in case.


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