Trainer lady gave mom a recommendation a while back for a probotic and vitamin Supplement, so she has been trying it for about three weeks. Today, I got an awesome complement on my shiny, healthy fur coat. Mom explained I've been given Glanzen sprinkled on my food.  The product has very clear directions for dog weight and sprinkles on dry or wet food. Mom and dad appreciate how it doesn't smell, has helped me get regular and reduced my digestive problems. It is available for the same price with free shipping from either (an agility dog magazine and supply store) or (a vitamin shop).  Mom bought the 2# can for $29.00 and with four scoops a day has barely made a dent in it. Way to go, trainer lady! Mom loves you!
Lynnda L
9/13/2011 05:27:17 pm

Glad Rocky digestive system has settled down.

7/1/2021 07:19:36 pm

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