Sigh. I'm bored.
I'm so bored, feeling ignored, nothing fun to look towards, 
I've got the post-surgery, recupery blues.

These darn old stitches, they cause me itches. 
I'm wearing a shirt to keep out the dirt.

Mom won't let me play, have to stay calm all day,
I've got the post-surgery, recupery blues.

I want to chase the squirrels, jump around and twirl.
Instead they give me kong-ball eats and a new toy that squeaks.

Please wish me well, I'm sure you can tell, 
I've got the post-surgery, recupery blues.

P.S.  I know recupery is not a word, but it rhymes better than recuperatory and I'm taking poetic licence. Woof.
5/17/2012 02:17:46 pm

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