I love  my jolly ball! 
Lynnda L
1/10/2012 12:40:39 am

Whose is the yard you two are playing in? Rocky-boy is off leash? You two are having fun! Try adding one Sit or Tap, then Throw in the session. Once that is part of the fun, add another behavior. Only have Doing a Behavior on Cue be a small percentage of throws, but think of how that can speed up responses [providing Rocky "gets" that the sooner he complies, the sooner he gets the toy]. Sit, Tap, Sit at Side, Down, & GoAround [or what ever you call it -- Human or Cone] are some behaviors you could request in a play session. Just a thought....

Rocky's mom
1/10/2012 07:48:37 am

Hi Lynnda,
This is our yard! Rocky is on his 30-foot tie-out giving him a 60-foot circle to zoom and play. We placed the center hook in the yard so that the front stoop is a "safe" zone for the kids and the mail carrier. I like your training ideas! Thanks for the tips.


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