Mom opens the door and I walk right out. I know my potty area is safe and it sure is nice not having the cable. It often got tangled on the gutter and frozen chunks of ice.  So we played chase by the stakes several more times today. Mom would turn and go different directions, but I always caught her because I'm much faster. One time she walked around with a can of cheese that trainer Lynnda had given her and I trotted right beside her. I love cheese! But then, the can of cheese made a pfttt sound and I thought it was that shock thing, so I ran up to the house.  I didn't want anything to do with that cheese can after that. Mom shared some very yummy cookies and a tube of peanut butter for the next couple of tours around the stakes. There is one area of the yard that I am still very nervous about, so mom and dad are going to add a couple more stakes to help me learn. When the girls came home we played fetch, chase-tag and I got to run by their sleds on the hill. They loved running and playing with me!  I crashed right after dinner and slept the rest of the day. I sure have a lot to think about!

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