Mom and dad pounded a bunch of surveyor stakes in a big circle all around the house on Saturday. On Sunday, mom played a game with me where we walked to the stakes and when I heard a beep, she clicked as we jumped back towards the house and I got a treat. She played this game five different times all the way around the yard. By the third time, I pretty much understood beep means jump towards the house. On Monday, she took me out towards the stakes with a 16 foot leash on, but she let me wander past and I was so excited exploring that I ignored the beeping. She told dad it was on the mildest level of shock and they needed to move it to medium. I didn't  know what they were talking about. A little later mom took me out again. This time, when the beeping continued I got a startling shock and ran towards the house. I sat on the step for a very long time before I let mom lead me back towards the stakes. She had some extra yummy treats and she convinced me to run around the whole yard a foot or so inside the stakes. She told dad she turned down the shock level to medium/low and practiced running  around the boundary with me four more times over the afternoon. Twice I heard a warning beep and immediately ran all the way up to the house. I sure didn't want to get shocked again!  My old tie out areas are all inside the stakes but I am very hesitant about exploring the boundaries. When mom went to take care of her chickens I didn't leave the backyard patio. She sprinkled some kibble around and I came out to eat it, but then went right back to the patio. I even saw some dogs and some people out front but didn't want to venture out to the edge of  the yard. It is really fun to play chase though - when I was on a cable it wasn't safe  and I wasn't allowed to run with my people. I also liked exploring  the mousy smells along side the house. Right now I think it is safe when mom is walking with me. I wonder what will happen tomorrow!

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