Mom and I walked around the mall today. It wasn't very busy considering the upcoming holiday. I sat right on cue and looked at her every time she asked. We even stopped to talk to a few people who were curious about me, but she doesn't let them pet me and tells them I'm learning to ignore people while I'm working. The hardest thing for me is when we get behind a slow group of people as I prefer walking briskly. We strolled through the food court without issue although I started to sniff the floor at one point. She sat down in a quiet spot and had me practice parking under a table. She positioned her chair so I had plenty of room in front of her feet but I was nervous about going under the table. She used hand taps and treats to encourage me to pass through like a tunnel. After I went all the way through both directions she asked me to lay down when I was right in front of her feet. I didn't want to lay down very long but she was very excited about my progress. I did it twice then she said we were all done and it was time to go home. As she was putting on her coat she dropped her hat two different times and asked me to bring it to her. I couldn't concentrate while some people were walking by, but as soon as they were gone I did what she asked. I like the mall. Mom told me if we go every week by the time I take the public access test I will have practiced 52 times! How cool is that!
Lynnda L
12/24/2011 02:45:19 pm

Sweet! Good boy Rocky.


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