On Saturday we went to the big mall. Every time I go I get more comfortable with the routine. I even recognize the doors where mom takes me out for a potty break. One hallway had a man in a walker, a wheel chair, three stroller families and other folks all coming towards us at once. None of this fazed me and I didn't even flinch. When we got to the center atrium, we saw one of little sis's school social workers and she proudly introduced me to him.  He was pleased to meet me since little sis talks about me all the time. Oops, I did jump when he got too close and looked directly at me, but he backed up and I laid down when mom asked.  Next, we had a snack. The girls had a clementine and I got treats while I practiced parking.  Look how perfectly I parked under mom's legs! She told little sis when we ride public transportation I will need to know this skill. Our typical visit to the mall is about 45 minutes, after which both little sis and I are ready to go home.
Little sis and I at the mall
Perfect parking under mom's legs
Lynnda L
1/23/2012 12:21:58 pm

Wow! Little sis looks so relaxed. As does Rocky & mom.


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