Mom and Dad took down the gate! I get to go upstairs when ever I want all by myself. They keep the bathroom and girls room closed, but I can visit mom and dad and the guest room. Just a month ago they started leaving my crate open at night, but once I heard the neighbor's dog bark at 6:00 a.m I wanted the day to start and impatiently waited for them to come down. The cats and I conversed through the gate and that woke them up. So now, I can go up and see they are still sleeping. I laid down in the hall and waited for the alarm. On the week-end, I even waited 1/2 hour past the usual alarm time so they could sleep in. Then I went and pressed my nose on dad's face so we could find Erin to feed me. The girls like playing with me in their room too, but I did tear apart a stuffed animal so I can't be there alone. I ate one of Mom's slippers the first day too, but now she puts them on her dresser and I leave them be. 

Look at this gate. When I was a puppy I fit right through the cat door and they had to attach a block to make the hole smaller. Now, I 'm doing really well with my manners and get to go more places.
modified pet gate

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