What a busy week I've had. On Monday I took a shot at the Canine Good Citizen test. I passed almost everything! The one area I need to work on is not jumping on friendly strangers. I just love meeting people and get soooo excited and while I try to sit for petting, I can't quite contain myself just yet. But my family and friends all know I'm getting better every week. Trainer Lynnda predicted to mom last summer I'd probably pass when I am around 18 months old; I'm still a puppy at 14 months.  
Mom met up with Lynnda at a training club for open ring time. I'd never been there before and had lots to get used to. First of all, I wasn't allowed to meet the other dogs. I watched them though, they sure were doing a good job listening to their trainers.  I did my best to follow mom's directions and did some awesome recall and sit/stay work. There were some strange noises coming from the warehouse above the space so I got kinda spooked after a while. But mom knows the first time I go somewhere is the hardest, and as she brings me there more often I will get used to it. 
Mom also took me to the library for the first time this week. She had to pick up a reserved item and had me sit while she searched the shelf. Then we went through the self checkout and I parked perfectly under her feet. Next, she took me into the County Service center that is attached to the library. She sat down in some bench chairs that reminded her of a bus and asked me to park under her feet. There were lots of people waiting and a strange intercom voice telling people when their number was called. We only stayed a few minutes but I did a good job.

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