I have lived with my family three months now and am celebrating my eighth month birthday! Trainer lady says my family is doing a great job meeting my social, emotional, and physical needs. Mom felt really happy hearing that, especially since she is still gaining confidence with a rambunctious dog like me.  Why, just this week, I meet three new people without jumping on them! I wanted to jump, but just bowed and wiggled instead. Everyone is proud of me.  Here I am practicing training lady's new trick, how to step up and twirl on a platform. This helps me learn about my body in space.  Interestingly,  mom and dad talked about  how little girl has the same issue.
Lynnda L
8/5/2011 01:44:55 pm

Now mom needs to learn to practice the tricks *without* a treat in her hand. The Wonderdog can certainly follow her hand alone.


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