Trainer lady asked little girl to think of some fun tricks to teach me. She wants to teach me to paint and to dance. Trainer lady thought painting might be kinda hard because if the brush is in my mouth I cannot see what I am doing. She knew of dogs that did paw painting, but little girl insists I can learn. Trainer lady told little girl that everything she wanted to teach me she had to do herself first. 

They did agree I could learn to dance. Trainer lady taught me to put my front paws on a box. They think I am super smart because I learned this trick in less than 10 tries. Another day they will teach me to move by back legs in a circle around the box.  Trainer lady asked little girl to think of some good music for dancing. She immediately said "Who let the dogs out". Trainer lady and mom laughed and told her maybe that wouldn't be the right choice as the barking might make me excited. 

Mom practiced having me put my paws on a box at home and I knew what to do! Mom has me put my feet on the box and I get a treat. Then she tosses a kibble a few feet away. Then she calls me to the box again. After five perfect times she gave me an extra yummy chewy treat.

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