Mom and dad are remodeling the kitchen. They worked hard last week tearing out the old cabinets and getting ready for the drywall and cabinet installers. The first day I was pretty spooked and hung out on the couch. But by the second day I was used to the noise and felt more relaxed. They bought me a bunch of bones to chew on. They have me going outside from a different door and everyone eats on the porch now. They feed me in the hall by my crate and get water from the bathroom. There is a plastic wall to contain the dust. I can see it just fine and haven't touched it, but the cats have punched a hole in it a couple of times! Silly cats. When workers come, mom puts me on a leash and as long as I mind my manners I get to meet everyone once. I'm getting really good at sitting and watching instead of jumping on the folks after the first minute or two. I am learning they are not here to play with me and just want to do their job.
Kitchen remodel
7/8/2012 10:11:14 pm

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