Last summer, I dug holes all over the yard. Mom couldn't even put flower pots on the step because I loved digging all the dirt out. But now that I am older (18 months), I'm not interested in digging holes anymore. Except to bury a chew, but I have a special place by a tree that that mom says is OK. She put bones in the mulch for me to find and I'm happy with that spot. So mom filled all the holes in the yard and put sod and garden hoops on top.  She put her flower pots out and I haven't messed with them at all! And she keeps raving about her gardens to the neighbors, because since they got my wireless fence and I can go all around the house, the deer have not visited her gardens. She gives me treats and says I'm the best deer repellent ever! 
No more digging holes
Rocky and the flower pots


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