Mom took little girl and me to the playground today. I got to sniff around for a while, then mom took me to the play equipment since there were no other children there.  She has me walk right beside her while she weaved in and out of poles, went up ramps and crossed a suspension bridge.  Then little girl would hide and I got to "find" her. I love this game, especially the yummy reward treats. One time little girl went to the tallest tower and I ran around two ramps and up a bunch of stairs to find her. Mom had me on a long orange rope so I can go as fast as I want. Next we went out to the trees and little girl hid behind different bushes. I found her every time. Mom probably guessed I was peeking as little girl ran to hide, so I knew which direction to go, but we had a fun time anyway. Now I'm ready for a nap. ZZZzzzz

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