Mom has been working hard to help me understand how to come and stand with my shoulder by her right and left side. She chose "heel" for the left and "side" for the right. She practices in the house and gives me a yummy treat when I get it right. She is helping with a visual flat hand for me to tap with my nose. :)
One day this week when we went to the home store, I was trotting ahead a bit so my tail was at her side. She didn't like that because I could get my paws pinched when she turned corners with the cart. Since the store wasn't very busy, we went to a big open area and practiced figure eights and loops with lots of turns. Very quickly I got the message to stay right at her side. She took me to a Walgreens store for the first time after the home store. The clerks all think I am a very good dog.
Lynnda L
5/16/2012 04:26:49 pm

Good job Mom, on adjusting at the moment to work your dog.
Did you two do figure 8s with a cart?

rocky the wonderdog
5/16/2012 10:28:56 pm

Yes! Figure eights with the cart convinced Rocky to stay in position very quickly.


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