They put the stuff in the crate so I can look out the window.
I saw the suitcases and knew something was up. Mom clipped me to my outside cable and I watched as they put my travel crate and pillow in the car. I wasn't worried while they loaded the rest because if my stuff is in the car I get to come too! Soon everyone got in and off we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I'm a pretty good traveler now and take turns watching out the window and napping. When they stopped for a break I did my biz right away. When we got there, they put me out on a 20-foot cable so they could unload the car. I barked and wagged every time they walked past. Soon mom put me on a leash and brought me inside. She and grandma had already decided by closing the doors to the bedrooms and office I could be off-leash after my initial excitement calmed down because I don't eat rugs or magazines anymore. I did a super job! Grandma has all sorts of decorations but I only sniffed at the things on the floor and didn't even mess with the Christmas tree. They put the stuffed snowmen and Santa's up on benches and then I left them alone. The rest of the relatives came and after they greeted me I kept my four on the floor almost all the time! Mom made sure someone was watching me every minute; even big sis took a turn following me around while they got ready for pie. Later, we went for a walk and I got to play on my 50-foot rope at a park. There was another dog behind a fence and we ran back and forth to play. Back at the house, little sis read me some stories and gave me hugs. Soon everyone left and it was time for bed. Mom had put my crate in the living room but I started to whine when they left me there. It was very bright because it was snowing out and nothing felt right. So dad moved my crate to their room and I settled right down. I even let mom and dad sleep till they woke up at 8:00!  Grandma gave me lots of pats and even let me lay on a bed while she showed mom her quilting projects.  After lunch they loaded the car again and we came home. Everyone was super impressed with what a good boy I was and how I've grown calmer since Thanksgiving. 

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