We went shopping at a new Target store today, but it looked so much like the other one I didn't even blink. It did have better potty spots out front, more landscaping and bushes on the parking lot islands. I void a long time because I know there won't be other dogs to meet or spots to mark. Mom's really happy that I know the difference between dog park or pet stores and public access work!
Mom did a lot more shopping than the last time we to the store. She filled her cart with produce and groceries. I walk on her right side and most people don't even notice me unless we pass them or are walking towards them. Three people asked if they could pet me but mom said no. That really does help me focus on my public access manners. One lady stopped and chatted for a while about her volunteer work at Can-Do-Canines and Helping Paws, two local service animal training centers.  She wanted to pet me too but said she knew not to ask.
So the bread isle is my biggest challenge. My nose can't help but drift towards the yummy smell and mom had to tell me to leave it when I got too close. I also got a little spooked when she opened a freezer door and picked out some vegetables, but next time she will probably warn me and the cold whoosh won't be such a surprise. Check-out was easy this time. I sat politely and waited patiently while mom loaded up the groceries. When we got home, mom told dad I am way easier to handle than the kids! :)

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