I got to go to the doggie park! My stitches are healed and I'm so ready to play. I now can run and jump and twirl. Mom took me on Tuesday, but yesterday they couldn't take me because of some cement floor work at the park. Mom is trying to keep me busy out of the house because of construction at home too. So yesterday she took me to a trail park and I even got to play in the creek. We walked past a family having a picture session on the bridge.  It was a small space and the photographer kept making funny noises to make the babies smile, but I walked past without jumping. I wanted to sniff everything on the trail and mom kept stopping when I pulled, but she noticed I was much calmer and walked with a loose leash when we turned around and followed the familiar  path to the car.  Today I got to play at the dog park again. I have more energy than the rest of the dogs there, but am learning about how older dogs need breaks and rests. Right now I'm zonked from all the running about. ZZZZZzzzzzz

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