This week when we went to the mall, mom let me wear the Easy Walk harness instead of the Gentle Leader. The previous visit, I kept dropping to the floor and trying to rub it off my nose. I kinda get obsessed about it. So I was much happier with the Easy Walk and mom thought I didn't pull any more than usual. She did grab my collar when I saw that seeing eye dog coming towards me to prevent me from visiting. And I started to jump when a kiosk worker tried to pet my head.  If these people ignore me I can stay focused on my job. I parked under the table perfectly this time while the girls had their snack. It is fun to go to the mall! Little sis likes it too. Mom commented that she rarely went out before they got me. Now little sis has the important job of hanging onto her short leash and she gets to see the world. She even brought a quarter to buy a squinky toy in the gumball machine. She is learning that all the vendor tables have cool stuff but we can window shop without buying.  I also remind her to keep moving because I can not wait very long while she looks at the jewelry and toys!

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