Mom and Trainer Lynnda have a new plan to teach me not to jump. Mom is going to carry treats and a clicker so when I meet people I get rewarded for keeping my paws on the floor. Sounds easy, yes? Well, mom finds it tricky to hold my leash, keep me under control, and click at just the right moment while asking the approaching person to not give me direct eye contact and to pat me with their knees at my side.  But, a new person arrived at our house on Friday afternoon and did as mom asked. We all hung out in the kitchen as they talked and I simply laid down on my rug and didn't bother the man at all.  Mom and dad were so impressed!  OK, I was very tired and it was my nap hour. Mom had taken me to the indoor dog park, to the Petco store and then for a  training walk in the mall. I guess it is true - a tired dog is a good dog!

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