It is official. I've spent more than half my life with little girl's family. My first birthday is coming up on November 16. Mom is amazed at all the things we have learned together. When I first came here I was jumping on everyone and chewing on the furniture. Now, they all think I have nice house manners, although I still get very excited and jump on new people. I even get to go into the living room after dinner and watch TV with mom and dad! On the couch! If I start to chew or chase the cats they make me leave, so I try really hard to relax. Mom still puts a leash on me to visit the playroom or little girl's room. I have learned how to bop with my nose to ask for things and show them with my eyes what I want (like treats, the door or a specific toy).  I've learned many tricks with trainer lady's help. Look at this list! I can sit, lay down, come, leave things, play fetch, twirl, go through hoops, play a piano, figure 8 through mom's legs, tap a target,  push a ball and wait/stay. Oh, and I'm an expert at stealing erasers at homework time, although I give them back when asked. ;)
Lynnda L
10/14/2011 02:39:14 pm

Other things Rocky knows how to do is:
= keep front feet on a Perch
= go in a Tunnel
= walk through a PVC ladder [on the floor]
= Settle on the rung
= jump on a platform like an agility Table
= go into the Crate.
*I* have seen him do these things.
Working on move to Mom's side facing in the direction she is facing and sit.
Good dog!


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