Mom took me out to a Target Store. The first thing she noticed is there was not a landscaped area for me to potty at before we went in. She had to go out a ways into the parking area to find a median with rocks.  But I was so distracted by a dog barking in a nearby car that I didn't want to go. So mom shrugged and we went in. I looked at mom when she stopped at the door just like we have practiced at other stores. She got a cart and we started walking. There is a grocery store there and mom went up and down the isles, but it didn't seem any different from the other stores we have been in. She has me look at her a few steps before we get to an isle and she stops now and then and asks me to park.  Mom is practicing using her shoulders and a hand signal to give me a clue to which direction we would turn. The only two places she had to remind me to "leave it" was the meat case and the bread isle. My nose was drawing me towards the enticing aromas so mom picked up the pace and we walked on by. In the toy area, I could hear some children and wanted to see what they were up to, but mom turned and went the other way. I quickly forgot about them and walked very nicely through the rest of the store. The TV area made me a little nervous at first, so mom had me sit so I could catalog the sounds and then I was fine. She was chuckling to herself about when I was a brand new puppy at their house and I was afraid of the TV and Computers. I've really grown up a lot! She walked back past the meat case again and bought a loaf of bread so we could practice the check-out isle. Right behind us a lady commented to mom it was so hard not to talk to me because she loves dogs. Mom invited her to pet me and explained I am an autism therapy dog. The lady gave me a nice scratch under my chin and told me I was doing a wonderful job in the store. I parked nicely while mom bought the bread and we went on home. I like going out with my family!

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