Rocky and little sis visit a mall
Mom and the girls took me to a mall. This was a new experience for me. We didn't go into any stores, but walked through the halls and mom had me sit once in a while. At one point they sat at a table and I laid down on command, but mom noticed I need to get better at parking under their feet instead of sprawling out on the floor. We walked quickly past all the vendor tables with stuff on them. The vendors all smiled at me as I went by. Little sis wanted to check out everything and started getting obsessed with wanting to buy something, but she has to pay attention to me when I'm along.  Mom likes how I'm teaching her to stay with the group.  In the restroom, little sis got all silly by the noise of the hand dryer, but I stayed pretty calm. 
Checking out a public restroom
After we walked all the way to the next entrance, mom noticed I had to go outside. She took me to the parking lot, but I insisted on going clear out to the landscaped curb. As we walked back in, mom asked a passing clerk if there was an elevator. "Not anymore", the clerk replied. "They closed the lower level years ago!"  We saw another service dog with a wheel chair person going to a coffee shop. Mom gave me treats as we walked by and I didn't even try to visit. After walking around a little more we went home. I was more than ready to go and took a long nap to think about my first visit to a mall.
11/27/2011 01:05:20 pm

What did Little Girl think of going to the Mall with Rocky? Looks like her leash is working our well.

Rocky's mom
11/27/2011 09:33:36 pm

Little Girl thought it was fun and really liked having him there, except that she didn't get to window-shop. However, window-shopping leads to wandering away or obsessing about buying something she doesn't need. Rocky saves the day because she has to focus on him instead of herself! Yea for therapy dogs!


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