I love to play and chew on my toys. When I first got here I was loosing my teeth and liked soft toys. But now my teeth rip up toys pretty quickly. Mom tried all kinds of toys for me to chew. Oh, Oh, these didn't last very long. 
Rubber toys don't last long.
These toys are some of my favorites. I like squeakers. I ate the ear off the george, but mom is going to sew it up and give it back to me. I like the pink one because it has squeakers in every bubble!  The fox is nice because it doesn't have any stuffing for me to choke on. I like the way it shakes and wiggles in my mouth.
favorite soft toys
These are my favorite outside toys. My family throws them and I capture them. Now that I have some teeth, I'm getting pretty good at catching a tennis ball in my mouth! Hey, wanna play fetch with me? I like squeaker balls best.
Jolly ball, flying squirrel, kong and elastic duck.

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