I got sick today. Mom and dad got kinda worried. I whined and paced and slurped up tons of water. I stuck my whole nose in the water dish and swirled it around, which I had never done before.  I pulled my pillow out of my crate to let them know something was wrong. They looked up something called bloat and thought I needed to go to the vet. It is a human holiday today so they found an emergency vet to take me to.  They knew it would cost lots of money but said they knew I was worth it! I threw up while mom was driving and felt a little better. Then I pooped in the lobby of the vet office while she was filling out the paper work. The people there were so nice and kind. They weighed me and now I am 44 pounds. The vet lady asked lots of questions about what I might have eaten, like chocolate, candy, medicine, illegal substances, non-food items, etc. But my people are very careful about doggieproofing and none of that had happened. However, what they didn't know was I got into the closet where they store the doggie food and ate a hole in the bag. I guess I ate too much. The vet said I was not the body type that gets gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) bloat and that the internet scares people unnecessarily sometimes. She reassured mom that dogs throw up undigested food fairly often and was pretty confident what I had was overeating bloat.  So they decided I didn't need an x-ray and mom paid the $120.00 bill.  Mom took me home and I slept a lot. Now they are rationing my food and water.  Hmp! 

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