Mom took me to see trainer lady on Monday. They made sure I didn't jump on anyone due to my stitches but I had a great tail wagging time and learned some new skills.  Mom brought a ball I am learning to push with my nose and my piano. Trainer lady showed mom how to use a clicker for reinforcement. It really helps me know what they want me to do. Trainer lady suggested checking out Karen Pryor's website for more information on clicker training. Mom placed an order for Karen Pryors book "Reaching the Animal Mind" for $8.93 after looking for it at the library. She checked out the only book on the shelf about clicker training, called  "Click Your Way to Rally Obedience."  The book has some fun games and great tips. She is following the steps in the book, starting with eye contact and recall practice. Mom is excited about stepping up the learning!
10/3/2013 06:50:25 am

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