Today I got to choose where I wanted to go for a  field trip. Mom held out my easy walk leash for outside walks and my service vest. I immediately bopped the service vest, sat down and looked at mom. She loaded me and the girls into the car and drove to the medium sized mall. It wasn't nearly as crowded as the big mall and I felt very comfortable since I've been there twice before. We walked around and I parked politely as the girls looked at merchandise at the kiosks. Big sis had a long turn with a remote control flipper car. Little sis didn't have any problems with the elevator today and was very good about staying with the group as she held onto her short leash. Up on the second floor she got scared about the glass walls of the mezzanine overlooking the floor below, but she felt safer after mom changed our positions and put me next to the glass wall. She asked lots of questions about why this floor didn't fall down. When the girls had a drink at the food court I parked right on cue. With a couple of redirects I tucked much closer to the table; not perfect but closer to what mom expects. I did a great job!
After we left the mall, mom wanted to take a walk in a local park since the weather was unusually warm. We stopped at home to pick up dad and headed for our usual trail. Unfortunately, I was pretty much out of control - there were so many dogs and wildlife smells they could hardly hold onto me.  I even tripped and somersaulted dad by going under his legs when a large group of barking dogs went by.  I guess I had the zoomies.  I do have to say, every dog we saw there was pulling and lunging at their leash, but they were mostly smaller dogs and their parents physically dragged them away. Maybe it was the balmy weather and lack of snow that made all the dogs crazy today. Mom decided she likes mall walking better for leash work and letting me go off-leash at the indoor dog park for run around time.  Hopefully next spring I will be ready for the trail!

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