I love bully sticks!
Chomp, arg, I need to chew! Right after little girl feeds me breakfast I start looking for something to clean my teeth. Those kitchen chairs are lovely, but the people don't seem to appreciate the scrapes on the chair legs. I also like the rugs, but they got put away. And I'm not allowed to chew on the backpacks or books or the toilet paper rolls I fish out of the garbage. So my people are figuring out I need a hearty chew after each meal. They got some real bones, compressed raw hide things, cow hooves and my favorite - bully sticks! Yipee! What is a bully stick? Why it's a bull's pizzle. (snicker) Everyone kinda went "ewe" at first, but I prance around all happy when they give me one. It digests easy in my tummy and makes me calm and sleepy. ZZZZzzzzzz

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