bully sticks
Mom ordered some bully sticks on-line. My tail is wagging! Our local chain pet stores sell one bully stick for $6.00 to $8.00 apiece. Menards, a midwest home improvement store, sells a package of two for $4.95. But mom, a savvy internet shopper, found a source for US, grass fed beef bully sticks. Yum! And look how much bigger they are than the Menards ones that originate from Brazil!  She noticed they smell more (not that I mind), but my folks only gave them to me outdoors anyway. I have to have something to chew after I eat my breakfast. Mom says they are more digestible than rawhide and won't cause problems for my tummy. The bully sticks I've had last about three days and always makes me one happy pup. She got them from All Natural Bully Sticks.com. With shipping, 25 bully sticks cost $2.57 each delivered to our door. She ordered them on Friday and they arrived on Monday. How cool is that!
10/4/2013 05:36:21 am

I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you.


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