Trainer lady gave mom some great ideas of what to do with the box I learned to carry. Mom had me "stay" on my kitchen rug and she took the box around the corner. She came back and told me to "find the box". I trotted off and brought it back and put it in her hands. Yea! Treats! The next time she put it in the dining room. I like this game.  She started moving it further away, which was pretty confusing at first. I really thought it would be in the same place each time, but after she gave me a clue by pointing to the next room I got better at looking around and didn't need any more help. This morning when we played, she put it in the hall. I had it in my mouth but got distracted because the living room gate was down. (Did I mention the construction workers are finally finished and as of yesterday the living room was back to the way it was before?) I ran into the living room to sniff the cat and dropped the box. I went back to mom in the kitchen and she said "where is the box?" Oh yea, I forgot. But I remembered where I dropped it and trotted off to get it for her. She thinks it is great fun to play hide and seek with me and little girl is very impressed.

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