I love to play and play big, but for some reason not every dog wants to play with me. I get very excited when I have recess at training class or am at the off-leash dog park. Unfortunately, I jumped on a couple of people and they do not want their dogs to play with me anymore. This usually happens when I first get to the park and especially if there are loud barking dogs or circling border collies.  Some of these dogs are older and some are protective-reactive if I get too close to their parent or they are protecting their ball. I don't care about balls and mostly want to run. So mom is trying to help me learn how to calm down when I get over-excited with a short time-out and to redirect me away from the dogs that don't want to play.  My favorite dogs are the big ones that like to run. I play well with most of the golden retrievers and labs, a Russian wolf hound, one young boxer and an Old English Sheepdog. Bull dogs don't seem to like the way I look and most of the pointers and hounds don't care to play.
Mom takes me to the off-leash park every day she can. After about a half-hour when it is warm or an hour in cool weather I am content and ready to focus for whatever task is asked.  We often go to a store on the way home and the people complement me on my fine public access manners. Then I go home and have a nice long nap. 
Lynnda L
11/29/2012 05:21:57 am

Good job Mom on working on Coming Away from Other Dogs at the Dog Park. I would wonder if dogs that are protective [i.e. reactive or defensive or very uncomfortable] are appropriate for a busy day at the dog park. There is a lot of random activity at the dog park when it is busy, so owners need to be prepared for that. This may be too much for dogs that "have issues". [Perhaps finding a friend with a large yard or only coming when the park has few dogs might be more appropriate for protective dogs. And handlers should have great verbal control over their protective dogs....it's only a neighborly thing to do at the park.]


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