Mom is trying out Karen Pryor's game of 101 things to do with a box.  She put a small box on the floor and clicked/treated when I looked at it. By then, Mr. Marbles the cat arrived and showed us knew what to do with a box - paw it, push it, stick his legs in it and tip it over to try and crawl inside, all in about 15 seconds. Mom laughed and put him in another room.  So I looked at the box again and she clicked/treated. Hmm, this must be important I think. So I go over to the box and sniff it. Click.  I put my nose in it. Click. I put my nose in it again and no click. ??? I went to my rug and pouted. I don't really understand what to do.  Pretty soon I looked at the box, click. Alright, I go back to the box. I push it with my nose. Click. I put my mouth on it. Click. Hmmm. I pick it up. Click. I drop it to eat the treat of course. I pick it up again and bring it right to mom. Click and treat party! Woot!  She says I invented this game and it is going to encourage my creative problem solving. Later she brings out the box again and I go over, pick it up and bring it right to her. She laughs and gives me a treat. The thing is, this is not 101 things! She is going to ask trainer lady what to do next. 
7/30/2012 02:28:57 pm

Love this Weebly site, I had no idea I could make a free blog so easily, thanks!


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