I already knew how to sit and lay down, but my people needed to learn how to talk to me. Mom was too stiff and trainer lady told her to soften the tone and be more relaxed because it sounds like yelling to me. They also learned some cool hand signs that help me focus on them and do what they want. They also give me really yummy treats when I do what they want.

Trainer lady told little girl that my wagging tail doesn't mean I'm happy, it means I'm excited. That is important because, well, I'm a puppy and when I get too excited I want to play. I want to jump up and wrestle and have a great big puppy romp. Dad and mom don't want little girl to get hurt so she cannot be alone with me right now. Trainer lady will teach little girl how to be calm and how to play safely with me.  The people don't want me to pull her shirt or coat either. She is a human pup so I don't really understand, but that's the rules. 

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